Railway Accounts are how a user interacts with the Railway platform.

Users are only allowed one account per person. This is enforced through email, GitHub, and payment method verification.

Account Settings

Screenshot of Account Navigation

The account settings page is accessible by clicking the profile photo in the top right and selecting Account Settings.

Account Information

Accounts can change their display name, profile photo, and account email under Account Settings.

Deleting an Account

Selecting "Delete Account" at the bottom of the Account Settings page will delete an account. All data related to the account will be deleted.

After a successful confirmation, Railway deletes all account information, project data, and removes the account from all email lists.

We aim to be compliant with EU GDPR’s data removal provisions.

Account Security

Screenshot of Sessions Page

Railway is committed to you and your project's security. We provide a variety of methods to help keep users' peace of mind.

Two-factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication can be enabled under the Account Security page. Most TOTP applications are supported.

After scanning the provided QR code and entering the code for the initial pairing of the application, 2FA will require additional verification for login and destructive actions.

Account Sessions

Users can view all active browser and CLI sessions on the account security page. Revoking a session will immediately log that device out.


Screenshot of Referrals Page

Every account has an editable referral link. Users can copy and share their personal referral link to earn credits.

For every referral who incurs more than $10 worth of usage and pays their first bill, users receive 5$ of credit.

Users can view their referral invite status on the referrals page.


Accounts are billed monthly. Resources used by deleted projects up until deletion are still counted towards the total bill.

Users can manage their billing plan as well as view historical payments on the billing page.

Within Account settings, link a Discord account with a Railway account to gain access to additional features on the Railway Discord server.

If the Discord user has not joined the Railway Discord server, linking the account will automatically invite the user to the server.

Discord Support

Discord users can access the Railway Discord server to get help from the Railway team and other users.

Priority Boarding Enrollment

For the most adventurous, we offer a beta program called Priority Boarding. Integration with Discord is required. To learn more, visit Priority Boarding.

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