Project Usage

Users are billed monthly based on their project's per-minute usage. All services within a project's environments contribute to the resources billed. The rates are as follows:

  1. RAM → $0.000231 / GB / minute
  2. CPU → $0.000463 / vCPU / minute

Users can see the usage of their projects under the usage page.

Screenshot of Expanded Project Usage Pane

Month-to-day Usage

This section outlines the current usage for the month as well as any discounts and credits the user has applied to their account.

In addition to the current usage, the user can see their estimated resource usage by the end of the month. If this number is positive and the user is on the Developer plan, they will be charged at the end of the month.

Usage by Project

The chart shows the cumulative usage for the month. If you delete a project, Railway will still count the usage towards your total.

The Current and Estimated cost metrics show the current resource usage and the estimated usage by the end of the month.

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