About Railway

Railway is a deployment platform designed to streamline the software development life-cycle, starting with instant deployments and effortless scale, extending to CI/CD integrations and built-in observability.

Deploying on Railway

Point Railway to your deployment source and let the platform handle the rest.

Flexible Deployment Sources

  • Code Repositories: With or without Dockerfiles. Railway will build an OCI compliant image based on what you provide.
  • Docker Images: Directly from Docker Hub or GitHub Container Registry.

Hassle-Free Setup

  • Sane Defaults: Out of the box, your project is deployed with sane defaults to get you up and running as fast as possible.
  • Configuration Tuning: When you're ready, there are plenty of knobs and switches to optimize as needed.

Development Lifecycle

Software development extends far beyond code deployment. Railway's feature set is tailor-made, and continuously evolving, to provide the best developer experience we can imagine.

Configuration Management

  • Variables & Secrets: Easily manage configuration values and sensitive data with variable management tools.

Environment and Workflow

  • Environment Management: Create both static and ephemeral environments to create workflows that complement your processes.
  • Orchestration & Tooling: Build Railway into any workflow using our CLI or API.

Deployment Monitoring

  • Observability: Keep a pulse on your deployments with Railway's built-in observability tools.

Operational Model

Railway operates with an emphasis on reliability and transparency. We utilize a combination of alerting tools, internal systems, and operational procedures to maintain high uptime. Read more about product philosophy and maturity here.

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