Teams are how organizations are represented within Railway. Teams with a valid credit card attached are subscribed to the Team plan. Projects within the Team plan get generous limits on service caps such as 32 GB of RAM and 32 vCPU cores.

Team plans cost $20 per seat plus get billed for any service usage within their projects, for more information see our pricing page. Team

Creating a Team

Organizations can create a team by heading to the Create Team page and entering the required information.

After the team creation, you will be prompted to enter the team's billing information.

Managing Teams

You can open your team's settings page to manage team members and see billing information by clicking the gear icon next to the name of your team on the dashboard.

Inviting Members

Under the General tab of the settings page, you can invite members to access the project.

There are two scopes for Team members

  • Admin: full administration of the Team and all Team projects
  • Member: access to all team projects

Transferring Projects to Teams

In the Dashboard you can click and drag projects into the team. Just click and hold the handle icon on the project on the dashboard, you will see a drag interface appear, then you can let go of the mouse click in the desired team.

Direct Line of Support

Teams are entitled to a private Discord channel for your company to speak with the development team. This is a direct line of communication with Railway for your team to share feedback, ask questions, and raise concerns with the product.

With a valid payment method attached to the team, a private Discord channel on the Railway Community Server is created. Provided you or your team members have their Discord accounts linked we automatically invite you to the channel. You can attach your account at any time to be invited.

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