Usage Limits

Usage Limits allow you to set a maximum limit on your usage for a billing cycle. If your resource usage for the billing cycle exceeds the limit you configured, we will shut down your workloads to prevent them from incurring further resource usage.

Configuring usage limits

Usage Limits Modal

Visit your account usage page to set the usage limits. Once you click the Set Usage Limits button, you will see a modal above where you can set a Custom email alert and a Hard limit.

Custom email alert

You can think of this as a soft limit. When your resource usage reaches the specified amount, we will email you that this threshold has been met. Your resources will remain unaffected.

Hard limit

Once your resource usage hits the specified hard limit, all your workloads will be taken offline to prevent them from incurring further resource usage. Think of the hard limit as the absolute maximum amount you're willing to spend on your infrastructure.

We will send you multiple reminders as your usage approaches your hard limit:

  1. When your usage reaches 75% of your hard limit
  2. When your usage reaches 90% of your hard limit

We will send you another email if your workloads are taken down due to your specified usage limits.


Can I set a usage limit?

Usage limits are available for all users on the Pro plan and for users on the usage-based version of the Hobby plan.

Do I need to set a hard limit to set a custom email alert?

No. You can leave the hard limit blank if you simply want to be notified at a particular amount of usage.

What is the minimum hard limit?

The minimum amount you can specify as the hard limit is $10.

How can I restart my resources if I hit my usage limit?

To restart your resources, you can either remove your usage limit or set it to a higher amount.

Will my resources be automatically started during the next billing cycle?

No. Once your resources are shut down, it is your responsibility to restart them.

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