Projects are containers for environments and services in Railway.

If you are logged in, projects can be found on your project dashboard.

Project Canvas

Screenshot of Project Canvas

The project canvas is the default view for a project. Within it, a user can manage services and environments or select a service to view its configuration.

Project Resources

  • 100 GB outbound network bandwidth
  • Ability to deploy multiple services
  • Unlimited inbound network bandwidth
  • Unlimited database services

Project Visibility

Projects are private by default and only accessible to members of the project.

Projects can be made public, to be shared in a read-only state with anyone on the internet.

Public visibility is helpful for educators who want to show students how their projects look before a user deploys their own.

  • Viewers don't need a Railway account to see the project
  • Environment variables are private from viewers
  • Services and Deployment logs are public

Find instructions for updating your project's visibility here.

Project Transfers

Projects can be transferred to other users or to Teams, depending on subscription plan.

  • Project transfers to other users are only allowed for users subscribed to the Hobby Plan (both the initiator and recipient of the transfer).

  • Project transfers to Teams are only allowed for users who are Admin members of an existing Team. Teams are a feature of the Pro Plan.

Detailed instructions on how to transfer projects can be found here.

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