Volumes are a feature that enables persistent data for services on Railway.

How it works

When mounting a volume to a service, a volume is made available to the service on the specified mount path.

Size Limits

Volumes have a max size based on the subscription plan.

  • Free and Trial plans: 0.5GB
  • Hobby plans: 5GB
  • Pro and team plans: 50GB

Volumes can be "Grown" after upgrading to a different plan.

Please reach out to us at team@railway.app if you need more space.


Volumes are billed at $0.25 / GB, billed monthly.

You are only charged for the amount of storage used by your volumes. Each volume requires a small amount of space to store metadata about the filesystem, so a new volume will start with a small amount of space used.


Volumes is a newer feature that is still under development. Here are some limitations we are currently aware of:

  • Each service can only have a single volume
  • Replicas cannot be used with volumes
  • There is no built-in S/FTP support
  • To prevent data corruption, we prevent multiple deployments from being active and mounted to the same service. This means that there will be a small amount of downtime when re-deploying a service that has a volume attached, even if there is a healthcheck endpoint configured
  • Down-sizing a volume is not currently supported, but increasing size is supported
  • When resizing a volume, all deployments must be taken offline to prevent data corruption
  • There is no file browser, or direct file download. To access your files, you must do so via the attached service's mount point


Refer to the guide on how to use volumes for more details on how to use the feature.

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