Getting Started

Railway is an infrastructure platform where you can provision infrastructure, develop with that infrastructure locally, and then deploy to the cloud.

Create a Project

Create a new Railway project by visiting and selecting what you want to do. Plugins can be added and removed at any time. Once the project is created you will land on your project dashboard. This is your mission control. Your projects infrastructure, environments, and deployments are all controlled from here.

Install the CLI

The Railway CLI allows you to connect your code to your infrastructure. After installing it, you can link your project to a directory with

The projectId is available on your project dashboard. If you were logged in to the Railway dashboard when you created your project, you can run railway login before init which will allow you to select from all your existing projects.

Develop Locally

When developing locally, you can connect to your infrastructure by running your code with

We will inject all the environment variables inside your current Railway environment.

If you have a Dockerfile in your project directory, you can use railway run with no arguments to build and run your Dockerfile.


To deploy your current directory, run

This will create a deployment using the current project and environment. Click the returned link to see the build and deploy logs.

You can also setup auto deploys so that a deploy is created everytime you push to a branch.

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