Railway's infrastructure spans multiple regions across the globe. This allows you to deploy your applications closer to your users no matter where they are located. This feature is only available to Pro plan workspaces.

Consider factors like compliance needs and proximity to your users when choosing a region.

Region Options

Railway has deploy regions in the Americas, Europe, and Asia-Pacific to provide broad coverage around the world.

Within the service settings, you can select one of the following regions:

NameLocationVariable Value
US WestOregon, USAus-west1
US EastVirginia, USAus-east4
EU WestAmsterdam, Netherlandseurope-west4
Southeast AsiaSingaporeasia-southeast1

Additional regions may be added in the future as Railway continues expanding its infrastructure footprint.

By default, Railway deploys to us-west1 located in Portland, Oregon.

All regions provide the same experience, performance, and reliability you expect from Railway.

Impact of Region Changes

The region of a service can be changed at any time, without any changes to your domain, private networking, etc.

There will be no downtime when changing the region of a service, except if it has a volume attached to it (see next section).


Volumes are following the region of the service they are attached to. This means if you attach a new volume to a service, it will be deployed in the same region as the service.

If you change the region of a service with an existing attached volume, you will get warned about the volume needing to be migrated to the new region.


Note that this migration can take a while depending on the size of the volume, and will cause downtime of your service during that time.


The same is true if you attach a detached volume to a service in a different region. It will need to be migrated to the new region, which can take a while and cause downtime.


For information on how to deploy your services to different regions, refer to this guide.

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