Projects have limits on usage depending on the pricing tier the owner of a project is on.

Starter Plan Project Limits

Stater plans are designed to help you evaluate Railway and are fit for hobbyist projects. You get access to all features on Railway and you have no limits to the amount of projects you can provision.

Starter plans get $5 of credits that do not accumulate.


  • Limited to 512 MB of RAM
  • Limited vCPU capacity
  • Up to 1 GB of Disk (Shared between plugins)
  • Limited to $5 of monthly usage.
  • Project deploys are stood down if usage limit is reached.
  • Need to redeploy projects after the new monthly credit is applied to your account.

Developer Plan Project Limits

When you add a credit card to your account, we increase the amount of usage credits on your account to $10 of usage. These credits do not accumulate. You are billed for any usage above $10 on your account.

Developer plan projects auto-scale: limits are raised as projects approach them up to the hard cap listed here.


  • Limited to 32 GB of RAM
  • Limited to 100 GB of Disk

Team Plan Project Limits

Team plan projects are designed to provide the most resources for all your scaled needs. Team project usage is charged in addition to the number of seats the team pays for.

Unlike the starter and developer projects, team members within a team can access all team projects.


  • Up to 240 GB RAM
  • Up to 96 vCPU / container
  • Up to 2 TB of Disk

Fair Use

If we deem that projects violate the fair use policy, Railway will shut down any violating projects.

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