Railway environments give you an isolated instance of all plugins in a project. You can use them to

  • Have development environments for each team member that are identical to the production environment
  • Have separate staging and production environments

Each environment has the same plugins. When a new plugin is added to the project, an instance of that plugin is created for each environment.

Deploys are also scoped to a specific Railway environment. When you create a GitHub Trigger you can specify which environment to use. When you deploy with up, the current environment will be used.


Project variables are provided whenever you build, deploy, or run railway run. Together these variables form your Railway environment. Each plugin provides the necessary environment variables needed to use it (such as DATABASE_URL for the PG plugin). You can also specify custom variables on the project variables page.

Screenshot of Project Variables on Railway Dashboard

You can view all variables for the current environment with railway vars and change the environment with railway environment.

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