Railway Up

Use the Railway CLI to deploy your project from the command line. In a connected project run

The current directory will be deployed to the currently selected Railway project and environment. Run railway status to see which project and environment will be used.

All deployments will appear in the deployments view on your project dashboard. Clicking on the build will bring up the build and deploy logs. Each deploy gets a unique URL and is considered immutable.

Port Variable

If you are starting a server, you need to use the PORT environment variable. This is how Railway can expose your deployment. If you see a "Bad Gateway" error, you most likely are not listening on PORT.

Singleton Deploys

If you only ever want a single deployment per environment live at a time, you can toggle the singleton deploy flag in your project deployment settings. When a new successful deploy goes live, we will spin down all older deploys that are connected to that environment.

This is a useful setting for bots. If a new version of the bot is deployed, you want older bots to be taken offline so you don't get duplicated messages.

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