Custom Domains

Custom domains can be configured inside the Deployment -> Domains tab.

Each Railway environment will automatically be configured with a public Railway domain, which looks like * This can be changed at any time if a custom domain has not yet been configured.

Add a Custom Domain

One or more custom domains can be added to a Railway project environment.

Here's how it works:

  1. Select the environment and enter your domain name
  2. Add the CNAME record to the DNS settings for your domain
  3. Wait for Railway to verify your CNAME record
Screenshot of Custom Domain

NOTE!: Changes to DNS settings may take up to 72 hours to propagate worldwide.

Let's Encrypt SSL Certificates

Once a custom domain has been correctly configured, Railway will automatically generate and apply a Let's Encrypt certificate. This means that any custom domain on Railway will automatically be accessible via https://.

Provider Specific Instructions

If you have proxying enabled on Cloudflare (the orange cloud), you MUST set your SSL/TLS settings to full or above. Otherwise, Cloudflare will not be able to connect to Railway.

Screenshot of Custom Domain

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